1. Blue Star Ithaki

    Blue Star Ithaki

  2. 60. Holidays At Last

    It seemed like an age since Logan and Lotti had helped Santa get ready for Christmas. After all that hard work, Daddy and Mummy had thought they should have a nice restful holiday. But instead of resting on the beach as planned, the goddess Athene had sent them back in time to help the hero Herakles with his labours.

    Now, at last, the twelve labours were done. As promised, Athene had returned Logan and Lotti to their own time. They were back at Athens Airport where the adventure had begun.

    "Now then," said Daddy. "This time we’re going to make sure we get the right bus. To Rafina this time."

    "You need help with buses?" A kindly old lady stood next to them. It was Athene.

    "Erm. No thank you," said Daddy quickly.

    "Athene!" cried Lotti, giving the goddess a hug.

    Athene crouched down and put an arm around Logan too. “I wanted to be sure you came back safely. And I have a present for you both, to say thank you.”

    Logan and Lotti gathered close.

    Athene reached into her handbag and pulled out a small leather pouch.

    "The charms," said Logan, pulling the strings so he could look inside.

    "Remeber to share them," Athene said gently. "There should be enough."

    Logan emptied the charms into Lotti’s outstretched hands. First came the brass charms: Athene’s owl, Hermes’ turtle, Artemis’ stag and Herakles’ lion. Logan gave the bag a little shake. Out it came, Hades’ curled up puppy. It was no longer invisible. Now it was made of glistening black obsidian.

    "It’s so cute," said Lotti. "It looks just like Cerberus."

    "Now then, children," Daddy interrupted. "I think we should try to catch that bus."

    "And we have a ferry to catch," added Mummy, waving four tickets.

    "Not before we stop for a bite, I hope."

    "Of course," said Mummy, smiling and putting her arm around Daddy’s waist. She rubbed her tummy. "I’m rather hungry myself."

    This time Athene guided them to the correct bus stop, opposite the Sofitel. She waited with them until the orange and cream bus pulled up.

    "Goodbye," Athene said one more time. “Thank you.”

    The driver started the engine. Logan and Lotti waved goodbye until Athene disappeared from view. Soon the bus was passing the cafes and bars and fairs and roller skating rinks by the coast.

    Logan wiggled in his seat, “I can’t wait to get on the ferry. Can we go to the shop on board?”

    Daddy, who was sitting next to Logan, also wiggled in his seat. “I can’t wait to have an FBI burger.  It’s been to long.”

    Mummy smiled. “We should have time for all those things.”

    As soon as the bus pulled in they went into the cafe so Daddy could have his burger. They sat and watched the ferries coming in and out of the bay.

    Logan jumped up from his seat. “Daddy! I think that’s the Blue Star Ithaki!”

    Lotti bounced up and down next to her brother. “It is, Daddy. It is! Quickly! We must go.”

    Daddy hastily finished his burger and wedges while Mummy paid for the food. Then they quickly walked along the quay, across the ferry-port carpark and waited in the que with the other foot passengers.

    The tall ferry pulled in. The ramp clanged down onto the dock. Cars and people streamed off.

    "I can’t wait," said Logan, hopping from one foot to another.

    "We can go now," said Lotti, pressing Mummy in the small of her back.

    After they had parked the luggage and found comfortable seats, Daddy and Logan went to the shop while Mummy and Lotti went up on the top deck. The big horn tooted, the anchor clanked and the ferry began to pull away from the harbour.

    "Mummy," said Lotti. "Were you and Daddy alright in the luggage all that time. I was a bit worried about you in there during our adventures with Herakles."

    Mummy smiled. “We were fine. I hope we weren’t too heavy.”

    "No. The extra weight is borne in a different dimension." Lotti wriggled her shoulders.  She was wearing her Moshi backpack again, stuffed with toys and cuddlies. “This little pack is heavier.”

    "Really?" said Mummy absently. "We must get you your own p-brane pack some time."

    As the ferry turned out to sea Mummy put her arm around Lotti. “I’m very proud of you, Lotti.”

    "I know," whispered Lotti, squeezing Mummy. Lotti was sure something was going on with Mummy. "Mummy. Is there something you should be telling us?"

    Mummy raised her eyebrows. “As a matter of fact there is. But you’ll have to wait until Logan and Daddy are with us.”

    Lotti was impatient for the rest of the journey. She wanted the news now. She couldn’t get off the ferry fast enough. She fidgeted through the short bus journey to the resort town. Finally, they checked in  to the hotel.

    They strolled through the twilight up up the steps to their favourite cafe. It was a family tradition to start every holiday with a  bit of star gazing and a milkshake.

    "Look," said Mummy, pointing to incoming lights out to sea. "Here comes the next ferry."

    Lotti leaned forward in her seat. “Never mind that. What is your special news?”

    Mummy and Daddy exchanged glances. Then held hands. “Well,” said Mummy. “We have our own very special souvenier from this trip.”

    "What?" said Logan. "Like the Transformers I bought on the ferry?"

    Mummy shook her head.

    "Is it like the charms?" asked Lotti.

    "Not really," Mummy said. She rubbed her tummy. She had been doing rather a lot of that lately. "The thing is, I’m going to have a baby. By next Christmas there will be another elf to help Santa."

    "Isn’t it wonderful news?" said Daddy. Just then the waitress put four towering milk shakes down in front of them. "And this is amazing too." Daddy raised his glass. "Here’s to a happy holiday."

    "And here’s to my baby sister," said Logan.

    "Or maybe another brother," said Lotti.

    "Yammas!" said Mummy.

    They clinked glasses. The first stars began to fill the darkening sky until it glittered like Hades’ cloak. At last their holiday had truly begun.

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Weary Herakles is a Roman statue (Hadrianic or Antonine Period, 2nd century AD) made of marble and is a copy of a famous bronze statue sculpted about 330–320 BC by the Greek master Lysippos of Sikyon.


    Weary Herakles is a Roman statue (Hadrianic or Antonine Period, 2nd century AD) made of marble and is a copy of a famous bronze statue sculpted about 330–320 BC by the Greek master Lysippos of Sikyon.

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Heraklespg. 4© Ian Chachere 2013 


    pg. 4

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Heraklespg. 3© Ian Chachere 2013 


    pg. 3

    © Ian Chachere 2013 

  6. 59. The Temple of Athene

    Now that Logan and Lotti had all five charms, they were ready to go to the Temple of Athene at Tegea and use them to get back to their own time. Although they did not know what to do with the charms at the Temple, Athene had assured them that it would be clear when they got there.

    Now that Herakles was a god it took them no time at all to get the temple. It was a very large building surrounded by columns. There were lots of people coming and going.

    "Is this the place?" Logan asked.

    "I believe so," said Herakles. He seemed rather preoccupied.

    "Then let’s go in and get back home." Lotti patted the backpack to check that Mummy and Daddy were still inside. She wanted to be sure they were all together, ready for what would happen next.

    Logan ran up the temple steps. "Halt." A stern looking woman held out a staff to block his way.

    Herakles was close behind. “Now look here, madam. These are my friends. We must go in.”

    The woman gasped at the sight of Herakles. “You most certainly cannot go in. Don’t you know the rules?”

    They did not.

    "Ladies only. Girls only in the inner sanctuary." The woman pointed her staff at Lotti. "She can enter the Temple. But only her." The woman’s face softened as she smiled at Lotti. "You, my dear, can even visit the inner Sanctuary."

    "Why is that?"

    "Because only girls can enter there."

    Lotti bit her lip anxiously. She did not want to leave Logan behind. “I have to talk about this with my friends.”

    "Of course, my dear."

    Logan, Lotti and Herakles walked away from the steps. Looking around, they saw groups of men and boys loitering with the horses. They were playing games and eating snacks.

    "We could always wait for you outside," said Logan.

    "I’m worried the charms will create another singularity. If you aren’t there you won’t get through."

    "Can you put me in the backpack with Mummy and Daddy?"

    "I’m afraid there’s no room because Daddy has eaten too much hog roast."

    "What can we do?" said Logan. "We can’t give up now."

    "I have an idea," said Herakles. "I could wish that you were a girl and then you would be one."

    "But I like being a boy. I don’t want to be anything else. And if you wish for it, I’d be a girl forever, wouldn’t I?"

    "Yes, I suppose you would. I hadn’t thought about that."

    They thought for a few minutes. “I know,” said Lotti suddenly. “Why don’t you dress up as a girl. They’ll never know the difference.”

    "That’s a great idea."

    Lotti immediately began taking pink clothes out of the backpack. Herakles wished them small so they would fit Logan.

    "You look awfully pretty," said Lotti, admiring Logan’s outfit. "But your hair is a bit short."

    Herakles wished for a curly blond wig for Logan.

    Logan dutifully put it on. “It’s a bit hot and itchy,” he complained.

    "But it really makes you look the part."

    Logan sighed. “All right then. I’ll wear it.”

    And so he did, but he it scratch his head rather a lot.

    Logan and Lotti prepared to say goodbye to Herakles. They each gave him a big hug.

    "I’m going to miss you," said Herakles with a big sniff. Lotti lent him her pink spotty handkerchief. "Silly of me really," he said, wiping his eyes.

    "I have an idea," said Logan. "If you dress up as well we don’t have to say goodbye yet."

    "A brilliant plan," exclaimed Herakles, all smiles again.

    Herakles wished for a pink tunic a floral stola. He draped it around himself.

    "Herakles," Lotti said anxiously. "What about your beard."

    "Nobody will be looking at the beard. They’ll be looking at this." Herakles wished a magnificent headdress topped with an enormous pink bow.

    Sure enough, when they went back to the temple the stern looking woman complimented Herakles on his bow. “And what beautiful hair you have, young lady,” she said to Logan. She winked at Lotti. “You must be very proud of your mother and sister. Enjoy your visit to the temple.”

    Logan and Herakles elbowed each other, holding back giggles.

    Inside the temple women and girls were involved in ladylike activities: making flower garlands, mixing up bowls of perfume, practising acrobatics, and discussing the finer points of philosophy.

    "I always wondered what went on in the ladies quarters," whispered Herakles.

    "What do you mean?" Logan asked.

    "I’ll tell you later."

    "Excuse me," Lotti said to a woman who was dressed in the same kind of tunic as the stern woman on the door. "Where is the inner sanctuary?"

    "Are you all coming to make an offering?"


    The lady’s eyes rested on Herakles for a very long time. He was kneeling behind Logan in order to look small. At last she said, “Follow me.”

    Logan, Lotti  and Herakles walked through many decorated rooms. Then they were taken down some steps. Lower and lower they went. The walls turned from smooth to rough stone. Now they were walking through a cave beneath the temple. They came to a door. An owl was carved above the door.

    "I must leave you here," said the woman. "Only girls can enter."

    Logan, Lotti and Herakles stepped inside.

    "Who enters?" said an imperious voice. A young girl dressed in armour sat on a throne.

    Herakles smiled. “It’s only us, Athene.”

    "Herakles?" Athene jumped up and ran to them. "And Lotti and Logan too." She gave them all a hug. Inside the temple she looked as young as Lotti.

    Athene looked excitedly at Herakles. “So you are a god now, brother?”

    Herakles puffed out his chest. “I am. Is it so obvious?”

    "It’s obvious that you would never have got past the guards in that outfit, unless your godhead muddled their minds."

    "What’s wrong with this outfit?"

    "A real girl would never wear clashing pinks."

    Lotti nodded her head in agreement.

    "Well," said Herakles a bit huffily. "It was a rush job. We are here to get these children back to their time. Are you going to help us?"

    "Of course," said Athene. "Everyone hold hands."

    "Why?" Logan asked.

    "You’ll see."

    They linked hands.

    Athene led them to into a room that was so dark they could not see at all.

    "Just keep walking," Athene said.

    Her voice echoed. The room must be very large. Then ahead, they saw a pillar of light in the darkness. There must be an opening in the roof to the sky above. At the centre of the pillar was a small round altar. When they stood around it they saw that it had five egg shaped hollows carved into it.

    "Now," said Athene, clasping her hands together. "I believe you have some other family members here?" She smiled encouragingly at Lotti. "It’s okay."

    Lotti took off the backpack and unzipped it. “Mummy. Daddy,” she called. “It time to get out.”

    Daddy’s head popped out. “Are you sure? I was thinking about having a snack.”

    Mummy’s hair looked even frizzier than usual. Despite having been in the backpack for a long time she still had engine oil on her fingers. Evidently she had been working on spare parts during her time in there.

    "This is rather splendid," said Daddy, admiring the finely carved altar. "Where are we?"

    "The Temple of Athene at Tegea," said Logan.

    "And this is Athene."

    "This is very pleasant," said Athene. "But we need to get on. There will be a service in here in a very short time."

    "Right. Yes. Of course," said Daddy.

    "You must all take a charm."

    Logan, Lotti, Mummy and Daddy all took a charm from the bag.

    Logan took Hermes’ turtle, Lotti took Athene’s owl, Mummy had Artemis’ stag and Daddy took Herakles’ lion. They put the charms into four hollows on the altar.

    "Where is the fifth?" Athene hissed. "Herakles?"

    Herakles took Hades’ invisible charm from the bag and laid it in the final hollow. Blue light pulsed through it, making it visible. The charm was a puppy, curled up in sleep. The blue light spread from Hades charm to the brass animals. They burned red hot. A circle of light began to spread, creeping out from the altar. Athene stepped back from the light, taking Herakles with here.

    Logan and Lotti heard Athene say, “You must follow the light. It will take you home.”

    The light was more like a tunnel than a column now. Sometimes orange and warm, sometime blue and cold. They kept on walking, walking.

    The corridor became grey. Now there were windows with glass. Logan and Lotti strained to see out of them. Above their heads a voice droned an announcement in many languages.

    The way ahead was blocked by a man in a booth. “Passports please,” he said.

    "I beg your pardon?" said Daddy.

    "This is immigration, sir. I need to see your passports."

    "Of course." Daddy fumbled with the p-brane luggage.

    The man looked at the passport photos for a very long time. Finally, he snapped them shut and retunred them to Daddy. “Welcome to Athens International Airport.”

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#stourhead #winter #snow #2013 #iphoneonly


    #stourhead #winter #snow #2013 #iphoneonly

  8. 58. The Fifth Charm

    King Eurystheus held a big feast to celebrate Herakles’ completion of the twelve labours. The celebrations went on late into the night.

    Logan and Lotti were so excited they could hardly sleep.

    "I can’t believe we’ll be getting back to our own time soon," Logan said.

    "But we need to get another charm before we can." Lotti was always careful of the details.

    Logan sunggled down under the blanket. “Herakles said we could get one on the way.”


    "He said something about a pan near the temple at Tegea."

    "Was he talking about cooking?" Despite his great apetite, Lotti had never seen Herakles prepare any food.

    Logan frowned. “I don’t think so.”

    "He must mean the god Pan, then. He is half man, half goat."

    "Well, that’s settled then. Let’s get some sleep."

    The next day they set out towards Tegea. King Eurystheus had given Herakles his second best chariot and a pair of horses. They heard thunder as the horses pulled them out of Tiryns. Herakles smiled. “Easy father. I’ll be with you soon.”

    There was a great clap of thunder. Then the rain started.

    "Is Zeus in charge of the rain?" Logan asked.

    "No," said Herakles. "That’s Ganymede."

    The rain poured down their faces, blinding them. Soon their clothes were soaked through.

    "We have to find shelter," Herakles shouted.

    They stepped down from the chariot and led the horses under a stand of narrow Cypress trees. The rain dripped through the branches onto their heads.

    "I’m cold," said Logan, shivering.

    Herakles took off the lion skin and wrapped Logan up in it.

    Logan wrinkled his nose. “It smells of dog.” Only the day before Cerberus had been wrapped up in the skin. “But it’s very cosy.”

    "Is there room under that lion skin for two?" Lotti asked.

    Soon the brother and sister were wrapped up warm.

    Herakles stood unprotected, rainwater running down his chest. He shook his fist at the sky. “Father, why are you doing this?”

    There was a loud thunderclap.

    “You can’t frighten me,” shouted Herakles boldly.

    Lightening forked in the sky. There was another roll of thunder.

    “Herakles. Perhaps you shouldn’t aggravate your father,” Lotti said. But her voice was lost in the rising storm.

    The trees about them shook as fresh torrents of rain fell. Thunder clapped and the dark rain clouds lit up again and again with lightening flashes. Then a great bolt of lightning struck the trees, splitting one it two. It burst into flames as it snapped, the burning half falling towards Logan and Lotti. Herakles grabbed them and jumped to safety just as the tree crashed to the ground. The horses reared up and bolted up the mountain side, oblivious of the chariot bouncing behind them.

    “How can there be fire in all this rain?” said Logan.

    Logan and Lotti were crouching behind Herakles, who stood between them and the burning tree like a shield.

    “I don’t know,” said Lotti. Rain dripped from her chin.

    “Father,” called Herakles again.

    There was another bolt of lightning. It cut a big hole in the ground near them.

    “Herakles,” Lotti said, slipping her little hand into his. “Why don’t we find the horses and get out of here. I don’t think Zeus is going to help us.”

    Herakles nodded. “You’re right. I don’t know why he is testing me, but when I next see him I will have serious words.”

    Logan, Lotti and Herakles linked hands and ran up the hillside. It was difficult over the wet grass and slippery stones. Fortunately, the out of control chariot had left a very clear trail. They found the horses further up, straining to pull the chariot through two rocks.

    Lotti went to the horses’ heads. “Easy there. Easy now,” she said, soothingly. She took apples from her pockets and fed them to the horses until they were calm. Then she persuaded them to back up until the chariot was free to move.

    “Look,” said Logan, pointing into the rain.

    “What?” said Lotti.

    “Don’t you see it?”


    “I don’t see anything but rain,” added Herakles.

    “There’s a road.”

    Sure enough, if you looked very carefully you could see a stone pathway winding up the mountainside. The rain was falling so hard it took a keen pair of eyes to pick out the grey stones against the rain washed grass. Fortunately, Logan had very sharp eyesight.

    Logan, Lotti and Herakles climbed into the chariot. Lotti guided it to the road. They went up and up to the top of the mountain. As they climbed, the mountaintop looked pointy. But when they actually reached it they discovered it was flat, like a field, with little lakes of black water on it.

    The chariot skirted the nearest lake. There was heavy fog all round. They were inside cloud. A building emerged from the mist. It was small, with columns all around. On either side of the door were stone lions.

    “We can shelter in there,” said Herakles.

    Lotti wished they had a torch. The entryway looked awfully dark. But once they had stepped into the porch and stood between the lions they could see there was the warm orange glow of firelight inside the building.

    “Is that the smell of sausages?” said Logan

    “I thinks it’s pizza!” said Lotti.

    “No,” said Herakles. “It can only be hog roast.” Hog roast was Herakles’ favourite.

    “It is all of those things.” A man stood next to a barbeque. Next to it was a little stove. He strode over and hugged Herakles. “I’m proud of you, son. You didn’t sit on that mountainside and wait to be rescued. You took care of these children and found your way to a place of safety.”

    “We helped with that,” said Logan under his breath.

    The old man continued. “And because you have done so well in the labours and with this, your final test, I have a special reward for you—“

    “You must be Zeus,” interrupted Lotti.

     The man raised his chin. “I am.” There was a little roll of thunder.

    Lotti had her hands on her hips and the old-fashioned look on her face. The one that had frightened Charon so much. “I have something to ask you.”

    “Yes?” Zeus took a step back. “Gracious me, but you remind me of my wife when you look at me like that.”

    “We need another charm from a god. I think you should give one to us.”

    “Oh. That. Well. I could give you a charm, but why don’t you ask your friend?”

    “What friend?” Lotti turned, expecting to see Artemis or Athene? Instead she saw Herakles.

    “Herakles,” Zeus said proudly. “For your service to the Peloponnese I raise you to the godhood.”

    Herakles knelt before Zeus, who placed an olive wreath on his head. Then took his chin and kissed him on each cheek. “Well done, son. I’m so proud.” Zeus wiped a fatherly tear from his eye.

    Smiling, Herakles stood up. “So. A charm for my friends. How do I do it?” He looked uncertainly at his father.

    Zeus shrugged. “Just do it. It’s like making wishes. But remember, your wishes come true now.”

    Herakles nodded, fist closed. Then he opened his hand. On his palm sat a little brass lion.

    “Oh Herakles,” said Lotti, rushing forward. “It’s beautiful.” She carefully scooped it up and put it in her bag.

    Herakles grinned at his father. “So I can make wishes come true, then?”

    “Indeed you can.”

    Suddenly, an amphora of wine and two cups appeared next to Zeus. Quickly followed by a loaf of bread, a big white block of feta cheese and the biggest tiropita Lotti had ever seen. Herakles laughed in delight.

    Logan was watching all this with interest. “Herakles. There are a few things I’d like you to wish for. For me.”

    “Anything,” said Herakles.

    “Well. There are these toys, called Transformers, and….”

    And so they sat out the storm, feasting and wishing up all the good things they could think of.

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Mycenaean archway. Tiryns, Greece.
Photo by Paul Left.
Supposedly the oldest corbel vaulted archway in Europe. (c 1300BC)


    Mycenaean archway. Tiryns, Greece.

    Photo by Paul Left.

    Supposedly the oldest corbel vaulted archway in Europe. (c 1300BC)

  10. 57. Return to Tiryns

    Cerberus dragged Herakles through the crowded Underworld so quickly Logan and Lotti had to run to keep up.

    "This is no good," panted Lotti. "We didn’t get a charm from Hades."

    Logan stopped running. “What should we do?”

    Lotti took her brother’s hand. “Keep up with Herakles. I’d rather find a different god in the upper world. There must be plenty about.”

    Logan and Lotti saw Herakles disappear through the archway leading to the river Styx. When they caught up they found Herakles arguing with Charon.

    "I’m not taking that animal on board. Absolutely no pets allowed."

    Herakles tried to wave his club but Cerberus jumped up on him, planting a paw on each shoulder. All three heads licked his face.

    "It looks like you have made a friend." Hades stood next to them, smiling.

    Herakles jumped. “Hades! I wish you wouldn’t do that.”

    Charon gasped and fell to his knees, wrapping his arms around Hades’ legs. “Have mercy on me, master, for bringing them across. They made the most dreadful faces at me. Please don’t punish me too harshly.”

    Hades looked kindly at his servant. “There will be no punishment. This has all been part of my plan.” He lightly touched Herakles’ shoulder. “This is my nephew. He has done me the honour of paying a visit. Unlike my other relatives.”

    Seeing that Hades was not angry with him, Charon included him in his argument with Herakles. “Master, they want me to carry this beast across the river. I cannot.” He shook his old head and did his best to look pitiful.

    "Oh Charon, you old goat," said Hades, clapping the boatman on the back. "Go to the far bank and collect your passengers. I will bear my guests back to Tiryns."

    As the golden chariot neared daylight Cerberus began to whimper.

    "What’s the matter boy?" said Herakles, stroking his head.

    The dog pushed his head between Herakles’ legs.

    "He’s never seen the light before," said Hades.

    "I think it’s hurting his eyes," Lotti added.

    Herakles stripped off the lion skin and wrapped it around Cerberus’ heads. The dog curled up on the floor of the chariot, heads resting on Hades feet.

    The god of the Underworld was very quiet. They travelled in silence.

    Lotti nudged Logan in the ribs.


    Lotti rolled her eyes at Hades.

    "Why don’t you ask him? You’re the oldest."

    "But you’re a boy."

    Hades said nothing. But he smiled.

    Logan cleared his throat. “Athene told us to collect charms from gods and goddesses to help us get back to our time. I was wondering if, well, you know—”

    "It is already done."

    "Oh. Thank you." Logan nodded at Lotti.

    Lotti opened the small leather bag containing the charms. “There must be some mistake. There are still only three charms in here.”

    Logan glanced at Hades. “Are you sure?” He put his hand in the bag. “I can feel four charms. One of them is very cold.” Logan pulled his fist out of the bag.

    Lotti leaned over. “Let’s see.”

    Logan opened his hand. It was empty. He frowned. “But I can feel it.” He put his finger out and traced something invisible on his palm.

    Lotti did the same. “I wonder what it is?”

    As ever, Hades said nothing. Logan and Lotti were too shy to ask any more questions. It was a mystery to be solved later.

    Hades faded into invisibility as they approached Tiryns.

    King Eurystheus eyed the golden chariot and black horses. “Tell you what, Herakles. Since you haven’t succeeded in your final task. No. Don’t be ashamed. Who could manage Cerberus? So. Why don’t you give me this chariot instead?”

    Herakles laughed his big booming laugh. “I can’t give you what doesn’t belong to me. Besides, Cerberus is just here.”

    With that the great dog leapt from the chariot. Since Cerbers was still wrapped in the lion skin he looked quite terrifying.

    "Guaaaaarrrds!" screeched King Eurystheus. When he saw that Herakles held the dog on a chain he coughed and said, "Guards! Seize the dog!" in a more manly tone.

    Herakles lifted Cerberus back onto the chariot. “He cannot go home. He must go home with his master.”

    "Master?" King Eurystheus looked again at the golden chariot. Hades stood tall in his high crested helmet. His black coat was spread with stars. With a shy smile, Hades whipped up the horses. In an instant he was gone.

    King Eurystheus moaned and covered his eyes.

    "Don’’ worry  Eurystheus. He’s gone now.” Herakles rubbed his tummy. There was a growl like a lion. “I’m starving. Let’s go into the palace and have a celebration banquet.

    And that’s exactly what they did.

Logan and Lotti are taking a break after helping Santa at Christmas. But Daddy Elf's hungry tummy gets them into trouble again...

Join them in ancient Greece with Herakles on his 12 Labours.

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